AI-driven Primary School Students' Emotional Education Support System

This practice aims to build the following systems: 1. Education Big Data System: The campus data center is constructed to realize multi-dimensional data source collection, data fusion and aggregation, mining and analysis in teaching, learning, campus management and other aspects, to support the precipitation of emotional education label data and the development of comprehensive quality evaluation. 2. Educational Data Visualization System: Through the ability of campus modeling and spatial data release, the digital campus can be displayed on a large screen. Combined with the characteristics and development planning of the school, the data visualization of students, teachers, schools and other analysis topics can be realized. 3. Emotional Education Assistance Application System: Introduce various methods such as intelligent voice emotion monitoring, video recognition, and physiological psychological data collection. Based on the support of educational big data, the analysis model of emotional education is constructed. Through information technology, the sensory reminder and effect monitoring ability of school emotional education will be further improved.

Thematic Focus Area 4: Digital learning and transformation Good practice - Summit 2022 China Asia and the Pacific