Azerbaijan National Statement of Commitment

Loyola RS
Loyola RS • 3 April 2023
National Statement of Commitment

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, education systems have confronted with a number of significant challenges. Implementation of more flexible and optimal content and teaching strategies in the education system, expansion of initiatives related to promotion of online platforms have become more significant. Azerbaijan has successfully implemented a strategy to tackle the negative impact of the pandemic on education: more than 8,000 tele-lessons were recorded and Virtual School Project was set up on the Microsoft Teams platform to ensure the continuity of education and minimize educational losses.

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Thematic Focus Area 1: Inclusive, equitable, safe and healthy schools Thematic Focus Area 2: Learning and skills for life, work and sustainable development 4.3 Equal access to technical/vocational and higher education 4.4 Relevant skills for decent work 4.7 Education for sustainable development and global citizenship National Statement of Commitment Azerbaijan