Education in Emergency Project for FDMN and Host Community

This project leveraged the skills and efforts of the community, national, and international volunteers and parents, teachers, and Ministry of Education stakeholders in a holistic, multilevel effort to address barriers – such as education mobilization, psychosocial issues, sexual reproductive health and rights, child marriage and other cross-cutting issues – that keep children and adolescents in Refugee camp and host community to complete their education. The program aims to provide accessible Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) for Rohingya and host community children following the ECD curriculum in collaboration with mesh guides. Also, providing education support through the learning center for Rohingya children in a safe environment following Cox’s Bazar Education sector LCFA (Learning Competency Framework and Approach) curriculum. VSO program also includes life skills and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) activities as a crosscutting issue. Also, intergraded safe vegetable gardening for families under ECCE intervention at host community to ensure basic nutrition and to involve the adolescent and youth in income generation initiatives. This project is designed to contribute significantly to gender equality and equity.

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