Human Capital Africa-Roundtable, June 2022

TES team
TES team • 29 July 2022
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Human Capital Africa-Roundtable    

UNICEF, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and FCDO

To raise awareness about foundational literacy and numeracy, its dire state in Sub-Saharan Africa and what can be done to help improve the situation.

Nine out of ten children in Sub-Saharan Africa are unable to read a simple sentence, by the age of ten. HCA, its partners, and many in the global education community are now laser focused on ensuring this changes. The TES aspires to renew the collective commitment towards ensuring education and life-long learning is a pre-eminent public good.

Activities to:

  • Ensure improving learning at the foundation level becomes the key takeaway for decision makers across the world
  • Ensure that the meeting leads to actual renewed interest and commitment towards making learning at the foundational level a priority for countries
  • Put data, evidence and best practice, at the heart of education reform
  • Ensure the world is aware, that Africa’s foremost champions are demanding that we put an end to this injustice that is leaving our children without a promising future.

Speakers: President Joyce Banda; Graça Machel; Education Ministers of Senegal, Sierra Leone and Malawi, Governors of Edo and Anambra states; Dr Oby Ezekwesil. 

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