Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys

TES team
TES team • 2 June 2022
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The majority of PETS have been implemented in the Africa region and in the human development sector. Most of the follow-up studies. Education and health have been the most common sectors in which PETS were implemented, although there are examples of the water & sanitation and agriculture sectors. Uganda was the first country to implement a PETS in 1996. The study was motivated by the observation that despite a substantial increase in public spending on education, official reports showed no increase in primary enrolment. The hypothesis was that actual service delivery, proxied by primary enrolment, was worse than budgetary allocations implied as public funds were subject to capture (by local politicians and public officials) and did not reach the intended facilities (schools). To test this hypothesis, a PETS was conducted to compare budget allocations to actual spending at various tiers of government including primary schools.

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