Project SIFT - No Child Left Behind

Loyola RS
Loyola RS • 16 March 2023
group of girls in south africa at school, smiling

Supporting education for Secondary School Students (Grades 8+) by bringing under resourced public schools online in South Africa in 2021-22. With the help of funding from both Google and UNDP we have so far been able to connect 20 schools, train over 850 educators and provide online learning resources to over 25,000 students. This is a great example of how partnerships between like-minded private and public entities can create meaningful change and in pandemic. This entire project was deployed by teams working across 3 different time zones, never having met face-to-face, but with a common goal to help students. This project provides a template that can easily be replicated in other parts of the world.

Thematic Focus Area 4: Digital learning and transformation Good practice - Summit 2022 South Africa Africa