Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training Programme

TES team
TES team • 26 August 2022
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Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training Programme

Sabre’s Transformational Teacher Training fulfils many of the criteria of a ‘best practice’ intervention:

• Our training is centred around play-based learning for the early years, which is globally recognised as being most effective for children’s brain development and learning outcomes. Impact evaluations of our teacher training have demonstrated that teacher training improved the quality of kindergarten teaching, and hence child learning outcomes.

• We work in direct partnership with the government. We have played an active role in developing key Ghanaian Early Childhood Education policies, and we ensure that our work is aligned to government priorities for the sector.

• Gender responsive considerations are built into our work, and disability and inclusion training is also delivered to ensure equitable access to a quality kindergarten education for all children.

• We are increasing using technology and introducing hybrid training, allowing us to widen the reach of our work, increase flexibility of the training whilst introducing cost efficiencies.

• Community involvement is key to our success. The beneficiaries that we work with shape our work by contributing their feedback to project design and implementation.

• Our work is evidenced based. Monitoring is woven into all levels of our work. We pilot, test and iterate our teacher training to ensure that we deliver high quality programmes.

• We are focussed on creating systemic change. We are working towards scaling our teacher training work in order to create national impact, sustained behaviour change and improved systems and infrastructure. Creating partnerships and working in collaboration is key to achieving this.

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