Open consultation for Action Track 3 of the Transforming Education Summit

TES team
TES team

Action Track 3 on Teachers, teaching and the teaching profession of the Transforming Education Summit is co-led by Nigeria, Romania and the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030.

Building on the Discussion Paper, this first public consultation was launched on 24 May through a webinar supported by ILO and UNESCO. 

This first phase of consultation seeks to discuss:

  • Critical elements for transforming education
  • Key recommendations to translate knowledge to policy and practice

Watch the webinar of 24 May 

The Transforming Education Summit is an opportunity to renew international political commitment to education as a fundamental public good. It aims to inspire and mobilize national and international commitments to action and reignite global efforts to deliver the education-related Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

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There are many opportunities to participate in the lead up to the TES

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Thematic Focus Area 3: Teachers, teaching and the teaching profession