Youth Declaration on Transforming Education

TES team
TES team • 16 September 2022

What is the Youth Declaration?

The Transforming Education Summit was the opportunity to drive education by working with young people. It answers the call of the Our Common Agenda report . To speed up the implementation of existing agreements, including the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Youth Declaration is a young people’s inputs to the Transforming Education Summit's output. Its aim is to drive political commitment on the need to transform education and build young people’s ownership over this process.

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How was the Youth Declaration drafted?

This youth-led process was coordinated by the Office of the Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth. Three global consultations for the Youth Declaration were held between June and August 2022. 

Young people also self-organized consultations. Over 15 grassroots consultations connected over 500 young people globally.  

Also young people have contributed through social media, an online survey.

In total, an estimated 450,000 young people worldwide have made contributions to the process.

Key Takeaways from the Youth Declaration

The Youth Declaration process has highlighted young people’s collective sense of urgency.

Young people recognize their key role as active agents of positive change — one that is systemic and long-term.

A key message from the Youth Declaration process is young people’s call to be partners in policy and decision-making. Working with governments, teachers, civil society, international organizations, the United Nations on education. Another principle is solidarity. 

What happens next?

The follow-up to the Youth Declaration will be ensured through the SDG4 High-Level Steering Committee. The Committee will take forward the recommendations, commitments, and outcomes of the Summit. The SDG4Youth network in this body will champion an action plan to take the Youth Declaration forward.

"We, the youth of the world" read the Youth Declaration below 👇

Youth Statement