The project is composed of 4 activities; 1. Introductory small scale chemistry workshop (in the host country) 2. Selection of the leading small scale chemistry teachers from the workshop participants The teachers are encouraged to be creative and design their own experiments with the small scale and green chemistry principles, and safety concept. The selection of the leading teachers will be judged from their submitted VDO clips of the designed experiments. 3. Training the trainers About 10 leading teachers from each workshop will get training to be the small scale chemistry trainers each year. 4. Networking of global small scale chemistry teachers Each year a hundred of the small scale chemistry teachers and trainers will be invited in rotation to attend a special session in Pure and Applied Chemistry International Conference, PACCON, in Thailand, where they will learn and exchange their experiences on the implementation of small scale chemistry experiments in schools as well as the workshops conducted in their respective countries.

Thematic Focus Area 3: Teachers, teaching and the teaching profession Good practice - Summit 2022 Thailand Myanmar (Burma) Cambodia Indonesia Vietnam Philippines Nepal Asia and the Pacific

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