Digital Open Schools: A Network of Champion Countries and Partners 

International Telecommunication Union, UNICEF, UNESCO, and Ministers of Education in Ghana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, and Huawei

This meeting called on countries and partners to take an integrated approach to the implementation of the recommendation put forth by the Discussion Paper of Action Track 4 on Digital Learning and Transformation to leverage digital technologies in building resilient open digital school systems.

The meeting convened countries, UN agencies and partners to work towards a Network of Champion Countries and Partners on Digital Open Schools, and discussed how the Network can support countries to integrate digital learning platforms, digital education content, teachers’ digital competencies and pedagogical innovation to develop diverse modes of provision of school education programmes.

The objectives were to: 

  • Establish a Network of Champions on Digital Open Schools to support countries and NGOs to build inclusive crisis-resilient learning systems. The Champions will include countries, NGOs, UN agencies and key partners. Discuss terms of references of the Network of Champions and mid-term action plans.
  • Share knowledge on diverse digital open schooling models and elicit comments on a guiding framework on digital open schooling models.
  • Showcase good practices in planning integrated digital learning policies, national digital learning platforms, public digital resources that cover all subject areas and grade levels, development of digital competencies, and innovative pedagogies. 
  • Plan an annual event on open digital learning as a re-branding of MLW. 
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