Empowering a New Generation of Adolescent Girls with Education (ENGAGE)

Empowering a New Generation of Adolescent Girls with Education in Nepal (ENGAGE) ENGAGE started its implementation from August 2018 in Nepal in partnership with a consortium partner Handicap International and three implementing partners at districts. This project aims to benefit 2525 marginalized girls with and without disability through education, livelihood support conducting NFE, skills trainings, counselling, regular follow up and rigorous application of Personalized Social Support (PSS) approach. Above mentioned best practices like peer mentoring, one to one coaching, Distance Teaching and Learning (DTL) have improved the literacy & numeracy skills of the primary actors that has further resulted at good learning achievement (midline survey). Similarly, volunteer council, GIEN champions have been identifying the barriers hindering the girl’s education, disability inclusion, women empowerment and breaking the stereotypes. Besides, gender-sensitive teaching learning practices have created safe space for learning and ensured the inclusive environment for all regardless of gender, caste, ethnicity, geographic reason, disability, gender identity etc. Ultimate results are noted as the improved self-efficacy, confidence amongst the primary actors.

Thematic Focus Area 1: Inclusive, equitable, safe and healthy schools Good practice - Summit 2022 Nepal Asia and the Pacific