Second Chance Education and Vocational Learning Programme

The SCE program targets marginalized, disadvantaged women who have been unable to complete their education because of poverty, conflict, cultural norms or other factors. These women face huge barriers in resuming education or training through either conventional means or digital learning opportunities, but the SCE program is producing gender transformative solutions in a range of different contexts. The transformative nature of the program lies both in a focus on gender and life skills, and in its holistic framework based on a comprehensive theory of change. Outcomes in high quality educational content, strong links to economic opportunities, reduced harmful social norms and advocacy for SCE good practice in wider policy all work together to offer a gender-transformative approach to adult women’s learning. 

Thematic Focus Area 1: Inclusive, equitable, safe and healthy schools Good practice - Summit 2022 Mexico Chile India Cameroon Jordan Australia Africa Arab States Asia and the Pacific Latin America and the Caribbean