Building skills for life through a socio-ecological framework

EAGER is proven impactful model for improved learning and life outcome of the most marginalized girls in Sierra Leone and a force of transformative change across their households and communities through its socio-ecological framework approach. Whilst engaging community structures, girls remain at the centre of all decision-making. Girls’ voices are incorporated at each step of the project in a circular fashion, creating feedback loops of accountability and adaptability. By creating platforms for girls to strengthen their individual and collective voices, EAGER is building their confidence to act across the systems and structures that impact their lives. Cultivating greater understanding and support for girls within these community structures will at the same time ensure that girls stay safe, feel free to learn, feel confident to ask questions and voice concerns, and feel comfortable exploring shared experiences with other girls in their community. The intentions and ethos of EAGER is also communicated at the Chiefdom, District, and National Level, to ensure that EAGER is recognised as a legitimate mean to support education and personal development of girls that otherwise would not access schooling, and that non-education community-based structures are accountable to supporting girls. EAGER project targets align closely with the Government of Sierra Leone’s Radical Inclusion Policy, and it is the intention of EAGER to support this government initiative by providing evidence-based practices for guarantying inclusion of and equity for the most vulnerable girls in education.

Thematic Focus Area 1: Inclusive, equitable, safe and healthy schools Thematic Focus Area 2: Learning and skills for life, work and sustainable development Good practice - Summit 2022 Sierra Leone Africa