This intervention may be considered a “best practice” because in order to reduce territorial gaps between the North and the South of Italy and to support students at risk of early school leaving and NEETs, the central government implemented specific supporting measures, such as the creation of a digital platform integrated with the monitoring functions of the program. The service, is available in both desktop and mobile version, also through a special app, ensuring high levels of user friendliness, security, protection, privacy, by the different user profiles (school manager, mentor/tutor, student), in line with the rules and regulations in force, ensuring full accessibility to people with disabilities and a specific notification service for all users. The success of the action is also determined by the adoption of territorial educational pacts with central and local institutions,Archdioceses, educational institutions and third sector organizations, ready to work together to fighting educational poverty.

Thematic Focus Area 1: Inclusive, equitable, safe and healthy schools Good practice - Summit 2022 Italy Europe and North America